Fees Refund Insurance

Easy to arrange cover providing a refund of school fees when a pupil is absent from school due to illness or accident.

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The School Fees Refund Insurance Policy has been designed to provide a refund of school fees in the event that your child misses school due to accident or illness.

You have worked hard and made sacrifices to get your children to independent school. An accident or illness to your child could result in them missing a significant amount of school and a refund of fees from a school are extremely rare.

Our Fees Refund Insurance will provide a pro-rata refund of school fees should any school be missed as a result of accident or illness. There is a choice of minimum absence period available. Any absence from school caused by pre-existing conditions will not be able to be insured.

Key features

  • Refunds fees when school is missed over and above an agreed period
  • Choice of minimum absence period available
  • Cover available for junior and senior pupils
  • Day and boarding pupils can be insured

In order to purchase this insurance you must have a valid UK address

Please view the Policy Wording for a full explanation of the cover or contact us if you have any questions.



Minimum period of absence

Maximum school fees to be insured each term

Up to £4,000

Up to £5,000

Up to £6,000

Up to £7,000

Up to £8,000

Up to £9,000

Up to £10,000

Up to £11,000


 Termly premiums (due Jan, May & Sept)

5 Days









8 Days











Can I choose the minimum absence period?

You can choose either a 5 or 8 day minimum absence period.

How will you calculate the refund to me if my child is absent from school over and above the minimum absence period?

We will ask you to complete a claim form which will need to show the first and last day of absence. We will ask the school to confirm that your child was absent for this period.

Do I need to specify if my child has any pre-existing illnesses or conditions?

Yes you must declare to us any illnesses or conditions that your child has suffered from in the past whether or not these have caused any absence from school.

What is covered under this policy?

The net school fee paid by the fee payer. The policy does not cover extras such as school trips.

What happens in the event of a claim?

Please call our Customer Service Department on 01306 746300. If the absence is for 14 days or over, a medical professional will also need to sign the claim form and verify the illness or condition which caused the absence. After receiving the completed form, we will verify with the school the dates of absence and school fee paid.

Can I cancel the policy?

You may cancel the policy at any time by giving us 14 days' written notice.

Policy Wording

Click here to view and download the Fees Refund Insurance Policy Wording.


Click here to view and download the Fees Refund Insurance Keyfacts.

Claim Form

Click here to view and download the Fees Refund Insurance Claim Form.

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