School Fees Insurance

A unique policy that pays for the school fees should you or your spouse become terminally ill or die and where the policy benefit is paid directly to the school in order to avoid tax and probate issues. You can also elect to add critical illness cover for an additional premium.

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Julie's Story

Julie, managing director of her own company and her husband, Roy, a management consultant from Staffordshire, wanted to provide the best education possible for their son, George. When he was at his prep school they decided to take out School Fees Insurance through SFS Group, which would cover his school fees if either of them had a critical illness or died. “It gave us peace of mind and some security for his future education needs” explains Julie.


The School Fees Insurance scheme was established in 1991 and is set up as a group life insurance scheme with a trustee (backed by an insurer, Unum) as the policy holder rather than an individual.

It is a unique scheme as it enables policy proceeds to be paid directly to a school rather than to any individual which avoids any taxation or probate issues normally associated with a deceased estate.

With school fees continuing to rise faster than salaries, this crucial scheme can protect the education of your child should the worst happen. Take a look at the key features of the scheme:

Key features

  • Unique tax and probate efficient structure enabling proceeds to be paid directly to a school
  • Coverage against death, terminal and critical illness
  • Automatic fee tracker that increases the claim benefits by inflation (Retail Price Index) plus 2%
  • Choice of cover options
  • Coverage right up to your child leaving school at 18
  • Cover can be purchased simply and securely on-line

Please view the terms and conditions for a full explanation of cover and look at the FAQs or contact us if you have any questions.

Schools where we are currently paying the fees for children who are benefitting from this insurance include:

Acorn House College, Bede's Senior School, Bridgewater School, Brighton College, Bury Grammar School, Churcher's College, City of London Freeman's School, Dallington School, Downe House School, Farlington School, Felsted School, Greshams, Guildford High School, Haberdasher's Monmouth School, Hull Collegiate School, Latymer Upper School, Magdalen College School, Merchiston Castle School, Pocklington School, Portland Place School, Prior Park Gibralter, Radley College, Reading Blue Coat School, Reddam House South Africa, Robert Gorden's College, St Christopher's School Hove, St Mary's Calne, St Paul's Cathedral School, The Mary Erskine School, The Perse School and Tonbridge School.


 Amount paid to the school each term in the event of a valid claim   

Child’s age on 1 September (of the claim year)

Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

4 to 7





8 to 12





13 to 17





 Monthly Premiums - Single Life (one parent) *   

Death and terminal illness cover only





Death, terminal and Critical Illness





 Monthly Premiums - Joint life (both parents), first death *   

Death and terminal illness cover only





Death, terminal and Critical Illness






Who can join buy this insurance?

You must be a UK or Crown Dependency citizen or a citizen of one of the member states of the EU/EEA or a foreign national ordinarily resident within the UK / EU / EEA.  Citizens of Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, USA, Canada and Russia are also permitted to join.  If you are a resident of any other country please contact us to determine if you are eligible to join.

Are there any age limits to join?

Yes, you must be aged 60 or under when membership commences.

Precisely how does the inflation linking on a claim in progress work?

The amount per term for the previous year is taken and then has the Retail Price Index for May plus 2% applied to it.

What happens in the event of a claim?

Your dependants should contact the SFS Group, who will then send you a claim form. This will then need to be returned with the death certificate (if applicable), and the birth certificate of the insured and the child.  Benefits will be paid at the amount chosen to the school from the beginning of the following term.

What happens if my child moves school while a claim is being paid?

The benefits follow them from school to school even if it is a fee-paying school abroad.

Can you explain in more detail about Pre-Existing Conditions?

School Fees Insurance is a group life insurance scheme and therefore you are able to join the scheme without medical underwriting, however, there is a pre-existing conditions exclsuion.  This exclusion means that no benefit will be paid for death or diagnosis of a terminal illness arising from a medical condition for which you received treatment, care or services (including diagnostic measures) or took prescribed drugs or medicines, in the 5 years before taking out the policy.  If you take out critical illness cover and experienced a critical illness before joining the policy you will not be able to claim for a recurrence of that condition or certain other critical illnesses.  For full details see our Terms and Conditions.

What is the minimum age of my child if I wish to join the scheme?

Your child must be aged 4 or more at the beginning of the school term for which you start the policy

Is there a reduction in premium if I have more than one policy?

If you insure more than one child there is no discount in premium as each set of school fees would receive the full benefit up to the level chosen.  However, we will give you a 10% reduction on each life insured, therefore if you chose joint life cover (for two parents) as opposed to single life cover (one parent) the second life premium will be reduced by 10%.

Is there a limit to how many of my children may be covered?

No, you may cover as many children as you like under the scheme. Each child will incur a separate premium.

Can I change my Benefit level once I have joined the scheme?

When you initially take out the membership, you need to think of the cover you need now AND in the future as this policy is not designed to change once started. Reason being, that the 60 months pre existing conditions will start again if you wish to increase to a higher level of benefit. Also, you may find that you do not qualify for the insurance due to the age limit.

I have paid my first payment online, how and when are future  monthly payments made?

SFS Group on receipt of your application will write and ask you to complete a direct debit mandate and then payments are collected by direct debit on or around the 7th of each month.

What is my commitment?

To provide us truthfully with all relevant information when joining the Scheme and to pay your monthly contributions. To advise the SFS Group in writing of any change of circumstances, i.e. change of school, change of address or cancellation of policy.

When does my participation in the scheme end?

The scheme will end on the last day of April of the academic year in which your child reaches 18. We will then automatically transfer you onto our University Fees Insurance however you can cancel this additional cover at any time. If you wish to terminate your participation in the scheme before then you may do so at any time by giving us one month's written notice.

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These Terms and Conditions are for policies purchased after 1st April 2017. If you need the Terms and Conditions for policies incepted before this date please call 01306 746300 or email us at

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